The Linear CNC Machine


The Linear CNC machine has a lot of benefits to offer to the user. This simple machine is very easy to program and use. Although its applications have limitations, it is still very handy on the shop floor.

In our experience, many times people shop for big turret CNC machines to fabricate jobs that can easily be done on a linear machine. The thing to remember is that 70% of the components made on turret machines can be made on a linear machine. The two are very similar to linear machines giving a few obvious benefits.

  • Greater Speed
    The Linear CNC machines operate faster than a turret machine. This increases the output of your shop floor which in turn increases the profitability of the machine. This is possible because linear CNC machines perform a set of functions, unlike turret machines which give versatility but compromise on speed. This makes linear machines 30% more efficient in comparison to turret machines.
  • Greater Accuracy Linear CNC machining has better accuracy and gives finer jobs. It makes deeper cuts and with the desired accuracy. Linear CNC machines have lower tolerance mean. Higher accuracy improves the quality of the product being made and therefore improves the profits of the company.
  •  Lesser Working Costs Linear machines give lower working cost. This is because they have a simpler design in comparison to a turret machine. Linear machines consume less electricity because of the simplicity of their design. This reduces the working costs. Linear machining also gives a higher cutting tool life, which further reduces operational costs.  Its spares are also readily available and cost much less than those of the other CNC machines.
  • Easy to Work With
    Linear CNC machine is simple to code. Once the code has been set they very easy to use. Its simple user interface reduces worker fatigue. It is easy to maintain. Its has useful features like absolute position encoder which help the machine restart after a power cut and reduce the stress on the operator.
  • Compact Shape
    Space constraints are the biggest problems faced by manufacturers and workshops. This makes installing a large CNC machine difficult. Linear CNC machines are compact in comparison to other CNC machines. These machines are perfect if you are short of space. It also leaves more room for your staff to move and allows you to fit more machines in a constrained space.

It is always advisable to buy CNC machines with features that suit your purposes. The long lists of features used to sell machine are generally of no use on the shop floor. We at Jaewoo Machines believe in providing a customised solution that suits our clients. Although our linear CNC machines may have a few drawbacks compared to our turret machines, we still suggest that you go with the linear machine if it serves your purposes. It will reduce your buying cost, working cost and maintenance cost. If the solution to your problem is optimal then you can get the maximum benefits by spending the minimum. This is always the intent at Jaewoo Machines.