Jaewoo machines manufactures CNC machines that are used in automobile industries.

The automotive industry in India now exists everywhere. In the century and a half since the first car, automotive manufacturing processes have altered undoubtedly.

The process of CNC machining, for certain auto components which comprise carrying out encumber like drilling and boring with computer control and automation, now serves as a supporting option for both prototyping and production.

CNC machines spin a digital file into string computer instructions, which are sent to a mechanized tool such as a drill, lathe or mill. The tool swings a block of component into a finished product by cutting it in the applicable places and can provide much superlative accuracy than accustomed machining.

CNC machining can be used to compose a slew of other car parts, including but not limited to suspension components, exhaust parts, carburetor housings, fluid system components, bushings and valve retainers. The assembling technology is also especially useful for customization of vehicles and their components, since CAD allows for the quick alteration of part designs.

In recent years, the rapid advancement of different processes technologies in the mechanical processing industry, the development of new technologies and new products, especially the flexible manufacturing system with the development of numerical control technology. The computer integrated manufacturing system has high efficiency contradiction. At present, most of the production of auto parts using flexible manufacturing unit composed of computer / modern integrated manufacturing system. This article based on the status quo, to the characteristics of CNC technology and its development, indicating that CNC technology in automotive manufacturing applicationin the future.


CNC is a digital code on the processing of the object to achieve the process of automatic control of a method. CNC machine tool operation and monitoring all in the NC unit to complete, it is the brain of CNC machine tools. Relatedwith traditional machine tools, CNC machine tools have the following characteristics:

  • High degree of automation.
  • Low labor intensity.

(3) High precision, good product consistency.

(4) Multi-axis linkage, to achieve complex processing of the prototype machining

(5) Mechanical transmission chain is short, simple structure, high production efficiency.


CNC machine tools in recent years in the auto parts manufacturing process has been vigorously promoted, the use of CNC machine tools produced by the quality of auto parts on the basis of the original and enhance a grade, but also improves the efficiency of processing and production. Greatly meet the current competition in the more intense CNC rapid prototype industry market requirements, but also can effectively reduce production costs, in order to achieve an investment, long-term benefits of good production goals. The traditional automobile processing industry mainly focuses on the scale and benefit, but with the emergence of numerical control technology and its extensive application in the automobile processing and manufacturing industry, the traditional law is broken, so as to achieve the multi-category, small batch, small Scale, and efficient production goals. In addition, in the numerical control technology, virtual reality control technology, flexible manufacturing system, computer aided manufacturing technology are also in the automobile manufacturing process has been widely used.

The gearbox is an important transmission mechanism in the car, with many shaft parts and gears mounted on it. Now in the automotive processing industry, all the shafts and gears in the gearbox are manufactured by CNC machine tools.

Now processing gears often use gears, shaving teeth, hobbing and other processing technology, CNC machine tools in the gear processing has a great advantage, high precision, high production efficiency.

Gearbox shell casting is completed, but also in the CNC machining center on the milling end, drilling shaft hole, to ensure the spacing between the shafts.

The two main hypoid gears in the main axle of the drive axle must be machined by a CNC machine. After the casting of the bridge shell, there are milling end faces and drilling, and several bolt holes on the end face are finished by a special machine.

In the car there are many parts which are difficult to process, they cannot be processed with ordinary machine tools, can only be done on CNC machining. Such as large quantities of automotive engines, gearbox, chassis, the main components need 5axis CNC machining center processing.

So CNC machines plays vital role in growing automotive industries.