Buying Your First CNC Machine


Technical specifications don’t neccessary address all the issues that CNC machine users face. Most CNC manufacturers in India will claim they can deliver to your specification. Before you make the final call it is important that you make note of a few tips:

Buying a new CNC machine is always a dilemma for the first-time buyer or for that matter a repeat buyer.  However, as a first time buyer you might be tempted to go by the word of mouth. The people you ask for assistance will dazzle you with technical specifications. It will be tempting to buy a machine based on their suggestion. There is one issue though, those technical specifications might not suit the purpose. Considering that a CNC machine is a big investment, it might be wiser to make list of technical specifications that suit your purpose. 

  • Simplicity of Design:  It is very tempting to buy a huge multi-purpose CNC machine. Considering this your first machine, it is wiser to stick to your specific purpose only. This will ensure you select a machine with a simpler design. A machine with a simple design is easier to use and maintain. It is also easier to train your staff to use a simpler machine, they will using a CNC machine for the first time, they will make mistakes initially. Factor those in your decision making as well.
  • Availability of spares at a reasonable cost: Buying a CNC machine is a long term investment. You are going to use the machine long past its warranty period. So it is important that its spares parts are easily available at both the places, with the manufacturer and in the market. Your CNC machine defines your productivity and you will make commitments on the basis of its output. Easy availability of spares is important to keep your output from falling.
  • After-sales service support: After-sales service support is important for you, this being your first machine, there is a lot that you and your team will have to learn about CNC machining. It is important that your CNC machine manufacturer is able to give you proper support for the machine you buy. Especially, because you will not hire an engineer to maintain your first machine. 
  • Annual Maintenance contract: A company that gives a solid annual maintenance contract will be able to give you proper after-sales service. A CNC machine is a long term investment and the best way to get highest return on investment is to have a solid AMC. 
  • Running cost of the machine: The design of the machine should be such that running cost is minimum, e.g the electrical motors and electrical circuitry should be optimum based on machine specifications so that power consumption is minimum. Hence, it is imperative that you buy a machine that matches your requirements. A machine that you buy with consideration to your future needs, or with fancy features that you do not need, will have greater buying cost, operation cost and service cost. Such an excessive investment might not be required at all. 
  • Access to Finance: A CNC machine manufacturer needs to have a good tie-up with a bank so that you can get the right kind of financing to buy the CNC machine. After all this a long term investment and deserves a proper long term EMI plan.

We at Jaewoo Machines believe in helping our customers get the right machine for their shop. We build our machines taking all of the above parameters into consideration. We built our reputation on the quality of our machines and the promptness of our services.