Jaewoo blog 22-07-20 (2)

Jaewoo’s greatest strength lies in manufacturing machines pertaining to the need of the customers and is a one stop solution for competitively priced CNC and VMC machines. Our machines are at par with global manufacturing standards. Jaewoo is one of the leading CNC and VMC manufacturers in India.

The market in general has a huge demand for VMC machines globally and it is still one of the advanced forms of machining technology.

The process of “milling” entails a rotating cutter, or drilling bit, and a movable work table, which the work piece is affixed to.

Through the incisiveness of the tool and force of the table pushing the material into the cutter, the material yields and is cut or shaved away as desired.


VMC machine scan be armed with multiple adjustments. Renditions of the VMC design, added power and hydraulic feeding devices, computerized controls to allow more automation in operation, repeatability, tool selection/changing and contour control. Armed with these features took the “milling” machine to a new level of potency. Thus, the term VMC (Vertical Machining Center) was built-in.


VMCs all use a plebeian of components, which are as follows:

  • Rotating Spindle—a spindle is devised of a motor a taper for holding tools, and a shaft that holds together all the separate components where spindle rotate on its axis, receives input on movement from accompanying CNC router. The spindle cartridge is seated in a housing that lifted up and down—this control of motion is called the Z-Axis.
  • Table— The Table is a scaffold on which to mount work pieces. The table has a gesture of left and right, which we call the X-Axis, and front to back, which is called the Y-Axis. These two axes of dynamics, coupled with the Z-Axis, allow for virtually boundless contouring across the planes of motion.
  • Tool Changer— a tool changer highly increases a VMC’s productivity by allowing for the automatic, computer-controlled selection of tools for a variety of tasks from bumping cutting to fine hole boring.
  • Coolant System— To keep parts and cutters cool and greased, most VMCs employ some sort of reticulating coolant system.
  • Chip Conveyor—To abandon the chips from the work zone, a variety of chip bearer and chip augers may be employed to boost productivity and reduce downtime from manually shoveling out waste chips.
  • Enclosures—These can be added to reduce the splash caused by milling operations and protect the operators and environment from the machining process.


Jaewoo Machines ensures high precision, easy operation and reliable performance. It is best suited for small and medium components. We have different variants suited for different job work and applications.ARV 500, ARV 700 & ARV 700PC. Introducing shortly is another variant ARV 800. All these machines are high powered device perfect for cutting hard metals and metals alloys.  These machines are best for heavy industries like aerospace, automobile industries, defence industries just to name a few.