cnc twin

Jaewoo machines are one of the leading manufacturers of CNC machines. Jaewoo machines have different varieties of CNC machines like ART 200, 200s, 300, 300s ARV 500 550, 700, ARV 700 PC, Wheel turn-350.  Jaewoo machines also manufacture TWIN G165 and TWIN G200 series.


TWIN G165: Twin G 165 is a double spindle CNC Turning Machine that will germinate your profits. The dual spindle technology assures the machine can be burdened while one element is in processes. This boost productivity awfully as the load-unloading time is zero.

The machine uses 2 A2-5 type spindles. It gives slender tooling with up to 10 tools. The Twin series was created to increase the productivity drastically on the shop floor. The two spindles working in unit increase the productivity by 30% to 40%. This makes the machine extra profitable. The solid size of the machine and its clean elegant design means that it can fit into cramped spaces and works with negligible overheads. The machine is easy to operate and it provides the technical thrust that Indian workshops need to achieve optimum productivity

TWIN G200: The superior variant in the Twin series, Twin G 200 is a dual spindle CNC Turning Machine that gives linear tooling. It comes with larger chuck diameter of 200 mm. Therefore, it makes larger components than its predecessor, the Twin G 165.

This unstoppable machine comes with two sturdy A2-5 type spindles that work with zero vibrations. It gives linear tooling with its 10 sophisticated tools. It gives a repeat accuracy of ± 0.002 mm. This gives both the spindles the ability to duplicate work and designs with greater consistency and precision.

The dual spindle machine has been designed to deliver mass production of small size components. It’s obvious to use display panel makes programming the machine very simple. The zero loading-unloading time provided by the machine can increase productivity by 40%. It gives your shop floor the added edge it needs to make more components in less time. It lends technical superiority to the user at an affordable price.


  • Slant bed 34 degrees structure of the bed ensures high rigidity and easy chip removal.
  •  All parts used SG grade with stress relieved only.
  •  High speed LM Guide ways HP Class (roller type) medium preloaded with extra seals in both the axis X/Z.
  •  C3 class double nut ball screw in both X/Z to ensures maximum accuracy and performance.
  •  The gang type tool post ensures fast travelling with minimum tool to tool change time.
  •  Excellent cooling system and modern designed coolant tank to ensure good turning and cutting of the job and also enhances the tool life.
  •  Complete Siemens Panel to ensure safe and efficient running of the machine with world class wiring.
  •  Beautiful S.S. telescopic guards ensure the fully enclosed structure and save the critical parts of the machine from dust and water.


Jaewoo Machine backs the easy availability of spares along with timely maintenance and service ensures that the machine has zero down time. Thus, return of investment on the CNC Turning Machine is very high making it the preferred choice among CNC Turning Machine in India.