cnc agriculture

Jaewoo Machines are leading CNC machines manufactures. CNC machines are used in making some specific tools that are used in agriculture industry.

Agricultural Industry is ever evolving one thing hasn’t changed at all: agricultural equipment component failure can have major implications for a project or a crop. Since agriculture parts are large and complex, all agriculture parts which are used on the agricultural equipment must be carefully worked with high demands of technical specifications including ultra-high precision specifications, and the elite durable materials to ensure the machines and equipment’ service life. So customized CNC machining for agricultural equipment is very crucial in the agriculture parts manufacturing field, also custom CNC agricultural parts can make your equipment more competitive in the market.

Where all industries are facing depression in India during this pandemic phase there is agriculture sector that shown nearly 3.4 % growth in Indian GDP where other sectors had a negative growth.


Are you in need for agricultural CNC machined parts by an experienced and reliable components manufacturer?

Jaewoo machines are your ideal choice for many agricultural components. To meet your machined parts needs in the agriculture industry, Jaewoo provides a wide range of high quality precision CNC turning agricultural parts & components including engine components, gear casings & housings, suspension & power train components and consumable parts. We work with a full range of materials including stainless steel, steel, aluminum, alloy, brass and bronze, utilizing CNC machining methods for part development and creation. The offered agricultural products are widely used for different agricultural purposes. These CNC agricultural parts are arranged with corrosion unyielding body under strict industry laid norms, which are very steady and able to provide easy installation. Moreover, we offer these parts within committed time to the clients.

Jaewoo machines are high precision, low maintenance, and boast a long lifetime.


In agriculture sector all CNC, VMC, WHEEL TURN, TWIN G and CNC turning machines and milling of JAEWOO Machines are used to make agriculture tool parts. The ART series of Jaewoo machines sets a higher standard for accuracy, power, and reliability in heavy-duty applications. Jaewoo machines India ensure high precision, easy operation and reliable performance of VMC, CNC TURNING AND MILLING machines.


CNC TURNING MACHINES-CNC turning centers come in either horizontal or vertical composition. There are also capsized vertical turning centers, which conserve the position of the spindle and the chuck. All three machine types generally consist of the same basic components but differ in their adaptations. These machines are used for manufacturing of sheet metal and are ideal for the agricultural industry.

CNC LATHES MACHINES– A CNC lathe Machines is occasionally designed to utilize contemporary adaptations of carbide tooling and processes. The process of CNC lathe machining grant for cutting tasks to be done perfectly every time. A adequate set of CNC instructions can be executed one after another without human intervention in a precision machine shop. In agriculture sector it used for shaping metallic or wooden materials by causing the work piece.

VMC MACHINES Best VMC machine can be armed with multiple adjustments. Renditions of the VMC design added power and hydraulic feeding devices to make the organization industrial and, eventually, computerized controls were added to allow for more automation in operation, repeatability, tool selection/changing and contour control. In agriculture tool manufacturing sector VMC machines helps in making work more easy and fast.

TWIN G Twin G 165 is a double spindle CNC Turning Machine that will germinate your profits. The dual spindle technology assures the machine can be burdened while one element is in processes. This boost productivity awfully as the load-unloading time is zero. The superior variant in the Twin series, Twin G 200 is a dual spindle CNC Turning Machine that gives linear tooling. It comes with larger chuck diameter of 200 mm. These machines improve agriculture machining efficiency and solution for critical parts including diameter work pieces such as rotors, hubs and gear.

ART SERIES- More efficient and more productive ART series helps in increasing productivity.

Jaewoo ART is a precise machine that is designed with salient features:-

  • High grade cast iron for highest rigidity
  • Zero thermal growth of ball screw
  • Therma stable technology
  • Heavy fixture technology
  • Rigid machine for long heavy duty shafts
  • High precision technology

To operate these CNC machines efficiently one should have good CNC Machines operator. CNC machining operations and their required equipment, and some of the considerations that may be taken into account by manufacturers and machine shops when deciding whether CNC machining is the most optimal solution for particular manufacturing function.