Buyer’s Guide: 5 Reasons To Buy To A Dual-Spindle CNC Machine


All manufacturing jobs are time-bound. More often than not there is not enough time to make the jobs as demanded by clients. To meet the demands of the industry, it is important to give your workshop an edge. This edge can be given by buying a double spindle CNC turning machine. 

double spindle CNC machine can resolve a lot of problems faced by workshop owners. The true benefits of this machine are often ignored due to fancier specs offered by other CNC machines. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy a double spindle CNC turning machine.

Add Production Power

Many CNC machine buyers make the mistake of chasing precision and spindle power. They end up buying a delicate machine that requires effort to program and takes time to load and unload.
Instead of adding power, adequate precision is important. You will get that with a double spindle CNC machine. 

Zero loading-unloading time

Most CNC machines take time to load and unload. The job has to properly set in the chuck and that could take time. A double spindle machine is working all the time. You can easily load one job while the other one is being made. This means the effective loading-unloading time in a double spindle CNC machine is Zero.

Lower worker fatigue

In a single spindle CNC machine, there is often duplication of efforts. Every time a job is finished, the CNC machine operator has to repeat the process. This is time-consuming and tiring. With a double spindle machine, the worker effectively completes two jobs with the efforts of one. These machines are easier to program and reduce the amount of efforts required by half.

Greater Machine Life

Since the work inside the machine is also distributed between two spindles, dual spindle CNC machines experience less wear and tear compared to other CNC machines. These machines make possible a longer spindle life and experience lesser stress on their cutting tools. Hence, the cutting tools also last longer than an average CNC machine.

Effective Use of Space

There are major space constraints in India. Double spindle machines are compact if you compare the space taken by one dual spindle machine and two single spindle machines. The higher productivity of double a spindle machine makes the usage of the space even more effective. 

A double spindle CNC machine is very useful in India. These machines reduce the effective stress on workers. They double the output of the workshop and double the effective profits you earn. We at Jaewoo machines are proud to present our double spindle machines Twin G165 and Twin G200. These formidable workhorses are built to support mass production. They are a valuable addition to your manufacturing set up.