CNC Vertical lathes have long been recognized for their advantages in the machining of heavy or short workpieces. The latest vertical turning lathes also offer additional benefits in terms of diminished cycle times, due to the rapid workpiece transfer and short traverses that can be achieved by working in this plane. Our top-of-the-range vertical lathes have counter-spindles, allowing for even higher productivity. As with all lathes from our leading manufacturer, Index, the vertical lathes we offer are available with a wide range of configuration options that allow them to adapt absolutely to your demands, establishing that your cost-per-part is minimized.

Vertical lathes adapt the spindle in a fixed position in the vertical plane. The workpiece moves up or down to place it in line with the appropriate tool necessary for the desired operation.

Vertical lathes are less complex than horizontal machines. They provide the surpass option for projects that focus on a single side, like large metal plates and sinking dies. They hold an advantage over horizontal lathes in circumstances where workpiece sagging might be a factor.

Vertical turning lathes are large machines, also called vertical boring mills. These lathes are not high-production machines, but they are excellent for heavy-duty and high-power cutting of medium and large parts.

  • An essential influence of the VTL machine is the ease in which large heavy workpieces can be set and held in place for machining.
  • Vertical turning lathes that use the main spindle to load and unload themselves are finding consent as multitasking capabilities make them competent transforming centers for producing chucked parts.
  • Vertical turning lathes give foundries with machine shops as well as those that outsource machining the competence to cut bigger and abundant castings.
  • An indexable tool turret head distinguishes traditional VTLs from  VBMs
  • Aside from the turret head or ram head, the VTL machine design uses a revolving table to support the workpiece and uses a bridge-type construction that carries the X-axis.
  • In terms of productivity, vertical turning centers typically progress cycle times because shops can be more aggressive with their cuts.


Jaewoo machines manufacture VMC that is a high-powered device that is perfect for cutting hard metals and metal alloys. Its faster chip removal rate and superior coolant delivery systems make it ideal for difficult jobs that require immense levels of accuracy. Its Servo increases the productivity of the machine making it optimal for cutting steel, cast iron and Aluminum. These machines are perfect for the automobile industry and the aerospace industry. These CNC milling machines will lend technical superiority to your workshop through their highly accurate milling, boring and drilling actions.