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Jaewoo Machines manufacture CNC machines that are used in aeronautical and aerospace industries. Be it commercial carrier carrying hundreds of passenger, a fighter jets like raffale or private jets these are built with utmost precision. CNC machines helps in making outer body, engines or any other parts of these flying carriers quickly and precisely,manufacturing specific tools that aid in the operations of each plane component. It should be done in a manner that just not guarantees high performance but safety as well.

In the wake of increasing failures in air traffic management and unfortunate accidents, aerospace industries are adhering to strict security measures which is why the demand for high precision engineering in the aeronautical market is soaring.   CNC turning machines can deliver this high precision.

A hardly visible piece within the engine may be created with a CNC machine. In inclusion to these inner workings of a jet, the surface design like a plane’s wing could be modified with a CNC machine with extreme precision so that the wing functions through the air properly and efficiently.

What are the main features of CNC Milling for aerospace? 

  • High precision manufacturing
  • Variety of parts and complexity
  • Lightweight materials of high strength

Advantages of CNC Machining?

  • High accuracy, precision engineering
  • No room for human error due to automation processes
  • Ability to manufacture complex geometries

Considerations need to be made when it comes to aerospace parts and structures, be that for everyday air travel, space aviation or the defence industry. When considering spacecraft in particular, longevity, as well as precision, will need to be considered – often, the aircraft are in flight for long periods of time, sometimes years.

CNC machining for aerospace parts has paved the way for more accurate and cost-efficient results than ever before. With such an array of parts, components, structures, that all require varying levels of machining, moulding, and additive manufacturing, automated manufacturing has become increasingly popular.

Aerospace Milling with CNC turning machine

Considering the complexity and variation of aerospace parts, it makes sense that many aerospace parts are configured using CNC turning machines.

The machine set up allows for complex geometries and, as space travel and aerospace is an ever-evolving industry, the machine set up allows for continuous adaptation and reconfiguration of parts.

In a nutshell, CNC turning machining copes better with the scope and technicality of aerospace components so they can be milled drilled or manufactured to the specifications of the individual aircraft. Additionally, Jaewoo CNC turning Machines can easily suit the rigorous, high performance demands of the aerospace industry.

Why CNC is Important in Aerospace & Aircraft Industry?

The requirements on structural design, function, performance, product quality and reliability of products in aviation industry are very high and even severe.

A large number of new materials and structures are first applied in aircraft parts.

National defense needs and market competition requires that the development cycle and production cycle of aerospace products be greatly shortened. In addition, the average cost of final products needs to be constantly reduced, so there are higher requirements for aerospace manufacturing industry, which need advanced manufacturing technology. Modern CNC processing is a critical part in advanced manufacturing technology, has become a decisive key technology, especially in aerospace manufacturing.