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Jaewoo Machines is a flourishing CNC manufacturing company that extends its services to numerous branches like the medical industry. We use special technology that is unavailable at other precision CNC manufacturing units on the parts machined in our temperature-controlled facility.

The capability of CNC turning machines to engage multiple axes simultaneously has allowed medical design engineers to alter that. Since CNC machine allows for precision part consistency in even the most complicated surface designs and geometries, medical embeds and accessories can now be designed with less manufacturing circumspection. This encourages abrupt innovations in the medical industry as well.

Accuracy and consistency are critical for every single part of medical equipment delivered. Medical products must ensure quality standards and any failure to comply with these standards can create severe problems to the patient. This also applies to items such as surgical items. They must meet certain requirements, including, feeling right in the hands of the surgeon.

Lives depend on quality machines for both the equipment used in the surgeries and parts implanted in patients.


Through consistency and high level of accuracy CNC can now be used in the following medical field to provide better healthcare to patients.


One of the procedures that have been marvelously improved as a result of CNC machining is the hip replacement. Hip replacements are wearing out sooner with the rate at which people are living longer and more active lives. Although hip replacement is a very common procedure, getting the surgery done is still a significant decision for many patients. The process is very invasive, and the recovery takes quite a long duration and it is also painful.

The smallest error in the machining of a hip replacement component can make the procedure unsuccessful or cause discomfort for the patient and may call for a second operation. When done correctly CNC machining can produce implants that fit perfectly and last longer while reducing these burdens.


When it comes to dental treatment, everybody has a different mouth. Dentists usually have to develop precise dental implants, dental aligners or tooth crowns that can perfectly fit a particular patient. Despite the new 3D imaging technologies that provide an accurate picture of the patient’s treatment plan, dentists still have to design accurate dental products that will provide the desired results. Now, this is where the CNC machines are used in. They can be programmed to get the exact dimensions of the dental veneers, aligners, and tooth crowns that fit a patient with minimal discomfort. Since the entire procedure is automated, the margin of error is significantly low.


During various corrective surgeries, the implants that are placed in the body have a low margin of error against failure. For instance, pieces of metal that are implanted to strengthen prosthetic limbs should fix precise dimensions.

Traditionally, manufacturers of medical equipment used to spend significant amounts of time to handcraft this equipment for patients. The CNC machines have made it simpler since surgical equipments can now be produced in a shorter amount of time with higher accuracy. But how does the machine work? The exact dimensions of the product need are programmed into the CNC machine, and then the machine takes over to automatically create the final product. The programmer only needs to check for quality control before the patient is fitted with the device.


Jaewoo machines do no compromise in quality while manufacturing CNC machines. Everything starts with proper handling and machine accuracy. Both are so critical when drilling and milling such tiny parts, while achieving the ideal surface for these parts. This requires both character of the ART Swiss machines and tooling. In addition, it requires well trained machinists and commitment to maintaining and following a well –defined quality system.

What most important with medical part manufacturing is the ability to replicate the machining process to ensure consistency. This is where robust quality control process comes into play.

Proper machines calibration and maintenance are very much critical due to the microscopic tolerance that is required when machining components for medical industry.


All Jaewoo CNC machines like CNC turning, VMC machines TWIN G 165 & TWIN G 200, ART 550, ARV 700, ARV 700PC are to be used in medical industry. JAEWOO CNC Turning Machines are no less than a boon to the medical industry as they help achieve this purpose. Lately, the investment in machine tools for the healthcare industry is on a rapid rise.